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Winkler Farm
Family Weger Hubert
39030 St. Peter Nr. 40
Ahrntal · Südtirol · Italy

Tel. +39 0474 650 147
Fax +39 0474 650 147






Tauferer Ahrntal


Hiking trips


Steinerbach - Foto: Jens Kurzke

Hasental - Weisse Wand - Rein

Foto: Innerbichler Peter


Napf Peak with view of Lake Grießbach - Foto: Lempfrecher Kurt



Napf Peak - Foto: Innerbichler Peter
Am Sam (Faden) - Foto: Lempfrecher Kurt


Bärental - Foto: Lempfrecher Kurt


Birnlücke - Foto: Jens Kurzke


Grießbachjoch - Foto: Lempfrecher Kurt


Lake Grießbach in the winter - Foto: Lempfrecher Kurt


Mäander in Poinland - Foto: Innerbichler Peter


Notfeld (Sam) - St. Peter - Foto: Innerbichler Peter


Pürsch Valley - Foto: Innerbichler Peter


Rötalm - Foto: Jens Kurzke


Steger Alm Prettau - Foto: Lempfrecher Kurt


Lake Walcherbach - Foto: Innerbichler Peter


Wolfskofel St. Johann - Foto: Lempfrecher Kurt


Waterfall Grießbachalm - Foto: Jens Kurzke


"Holy Spirit" Church - Foto: Lempfrecher Kurt


Walcherbach - Mitterjoch - Foto: Jens Kurzke


Biotop Wiesa Werfa - Foto: Innerbichler Peter


Blick vom Sam ins Ahrntal - Sam - Foto: Oberarzbacher Georg



Heilig Geist Jöchl - Foto: Innerbichler Peter


Hörndljoch - Foto: Jens Kurzke


Kirche St. Peter - Foto: Oberarzbacher Georg


Klaussee - Foto: Innerbichler Peter


Lenkjöchlhütte - Foto: Jens Kurzke


Waldnersee - Foto: Innerbichler Peter





The Legend of the Giant's Grave at the Sam

Foto: Innerbichler Peter


Once upon a time, a caponized rooster – a so-called Kapaun - lived at the Winkler Farm. To the great surprise of the Winkler farmer and his wife, it laid a gigantic egg. After a few weeks they were horrified to discover that a giant had hatched from the egg. This giant could do amazing things. He drank bucketfuls of milk, ate whole cows, mowed the meadow with his nails, tore down trees and struck fear into the hearts of all. Boasting and bragging was his favorite pastime.

One day the giant wanted to prove to everyone how long his stride was. So he went up the sunny side of the mountain above the Locher Farm, called the “Sam”, and from there stretched out his leg to reach the other, shadowy side across the valley. But he had overestimated his reach and was torn in two. One half of the giant was buried on the sunny side, one half on the shadowy side. Still today, two huge hills, one on each side of the valley, mark the site of the giant's double grave.

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